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Week of July 3, 2022 - Move Forward

Monday -Proverbs 3:5-6

Tuesday - Psalm 37:4-5

Wednesday - Isaiah 12:2

Thursday - Jeremiah 17:7-8

Friday - Psalm 28:7

Saturday - Psalm 9:10

Sunday - Psalm 33:20-22



Week of July 3, 2022

Exodus 14:15-22 


If Christianity is a growth religion, why is change so difficult? Why doesn't God make it easier to grow into the person we are meant to become?

While many reasons change is hard, one of the primary reasons is our resistance to moving on and moving forward. Learning new things is not the tricky part, but instead letting go of the old stories of who we were, how we used to do something, and what everyone feels comfortable with and thinks we ought to be.

In short, we cannot change until we move on and move forward until we get emotionally unstuck from yesterday's thinking and living. Only then can we pursue God's dream of whom we are meant to be.

Becoming emotionally unstuck means deriving our identity from our vision of tomorrow and not the nostalgia of the past as we focus on the "camels" in our lives instead of being distracted by the "gnats." Let's give up "our control," trust in God's will to result in good for us, and live a life where we desire to "be ourselves," not "prove ourselves."

Most of us will have one dominant mindset we need to break free from, but don't be surprised if you have a combination of two. Regardless of how the mindsets manifest themselves, getting emotionally unstuck means changing your mind and changing your plans so you can fulfill God's purpose for your life. God knows that for human beings to become emotionally unstuck, they must endure and overcome extreme levels of stress as they leave the familiar motivations and coping mechanisms behind to pursue the next stage of their dream for their lives.

 Exodus 14:15-16 and Exodus 14:21-22 are instructive about how God proposes we deal with our emotional stuckness. While Moses was talking about "standing firm," God told him to "move on" and instructed him to stretch out his hand and part the Red Sea.

I am confident that of all the solutions that passed through the mind of Moses, parting the Red Sea was not on the list. Turning and fighting the Egyptians was logical. Having God fight was something they had already experienced in Egypt with the plagues. But this was new, walking through the sea on dry ground…well.

We can learn that Moses had a plan and a set of expectations based on history, but God told him to "change his mind" and "change his plans." This is how we become emotionally unstuck.

We must change our minds and change our plans. We must let go of the familiar and open our minds to possibilities of whom we are supposed to be that may make no sense to anyone, just as walking through the Red Sea made no sense until it was done. This is precisely how God's dream happens.

We break free of old rules, ways, and stories to become this person who has been sleeping inside. We set ourselves free from the emotional stuckness keeping us from living God's dream.

So, do you dare? Do you dare to admit the truths necessary to put you on a path to emotional freedom where you can become the person God knows you want to be, the person you dream of being but are afraid to pursue becoming?

There is no better time to start than today. Move on, Move Forward!

>> Are you ready to move forward into the plan that God has for your life? What are areas in your life that you have not fully surrendered. 


“God help us to selflessly give our entire life to you, knowing that we can fully trust the plan you have for out life is far greater than anything we could design for our own. We know that in order to receive that plan- we must first dedicate our lives fully to you. So, we ask that you allow us to die to self and instead, live in you.

Jesus Christ

"And know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time"